Twinkle Star Dance at Cameron Dance Academy

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Twinkle Star Dance

Discovering and encouraging the confident, creative nature of our tiniest dancers with a tailor-made program. Nurturing their youthful spirits with captivating structured classes in a refreshing approach to dance.

Cameron Dance Academy will be offering the Twinkle Star Dance Program for the second year.
The Twinkle Star program is designed for toddlers and pre-school aged dancers, offering a structured dance curriculum with fun, engaging activities.
The program was initially implemented in response to growing interest in the community for toddler / pre-school age dance education.The Twinkle Star Program at Dynamite includes:

  • Positive, welcoming environment with delightful, age appropriate classes
  • Creating confidence through repetition and discovery play with fun props & games
  • Empowering our tiny dancers with tailor-made lessons taught in a nurturing environment
  • Developing excellence, in the classroom, on stage, and in life
  • Connection to a Cameron Dance Academy Family

Parents interested in the Twinkle Star Dance program are invited to attend Cameron Dance Academy’s Open House Week.

  • Tuesday September 4th
  • Friday September 7th

Parents may also learn more and register today right from our website.

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