Rebekah Asselstine

Rebekah Asselstine – Jazz & Musical Theatre

With a background in acting, dancing, and singing, Rebekah is a triple threat who’s mastered the art of performance on and off stage at an early start. After years of successes with roles in many shows, and running her own dance studio before joining Modus Operandi, a successful small town studio at only 18 years old, she set out to excel at everything she does. Releasing her first single in 2012 “A Night to Forget,” Rebekah envisioned her break out into the music scene as a solo artist. After recording a number of tracks in Los Angeles, her music has exploded with elements of underground electronic, hip hop, and pop – giving her music a fresh, new, and original sound. Her ability to express herself vocally and emotionally has been the foundation on which she’s built her success. 

As a dancer Rebekah has established how the dance scene works. Starting as a late bloomer at the age of 12 dance took off for her. Rebekah began assisting at age 14 and then continued to teaching and do full time choreography at age 16. At age 18 she received her CDTA Certified Teachers Certificate in JAZZ. She then  proceed to further her dancing ability and moved to Vancouver. There she then trained with she then trained with Tiffany Tregarthen and David Raymond with local dance training company Modus Operandi, Industry Dance, and apprenticed with Amber Funk Barton at The Response. She has worked with dancers such as Wen Wei, Deanna Peters, Danielle Gardner, Amber Funk Barton, Edmond Kilpatrick, and many more. Working on several high profile music videos and commercials it was obvious she was getting closer to what completed her.  Continuing to teach, do workshops, and choreography She discovered that it brought her the most joy that ignited her idea of a Young Dancers Outreach travelling workshop she and her partners named MOTIVATE. Going to rural cities across Canada to teach the real world of what dance and acting is like in the big cities, and how to prepare for the unexpected. Teaching kids and watching them grow is her passion. Music, dancing, and acting has brought her a wide range of opportunities and experiences and has made her dreams come to life. Never taking no for an answer, she’s worked in all three areas as a performer to achieve the dream of entertaining the world around her and hopeful to teach and inspire the next generation. 

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