Tuition & Fees

Hours per Week Monthly Fees (10 equal Payments)
30 $46.00
45 $56.00
1 $71.00
1.25 $88.50
1.5 $97.00
2 $125.00
2.5 $151.00
3 $175.00
3.5 $197.00
4 $217.00
4.5 $235.00
5 $251.00
5.5 $265.00
6 $277.00
6.5 $287.00
7 $309.00
7.5 $323.50
8 $337.00
8.5 $358.00
9 $361.00
9.5 $363.00
10 $371.00

All fees are based on Tuesday September 4, 2018 – Saturday June 15, 2019.
5% GST must be added on to all prices.
September payment includes first and last month Non-Refundable (September and June) to be Paid by September 15, 2018 Payments must be paid before the 1st of each month, or a 10% late fee will be applied – no exceptions.
A charge of $15.00 applies to late payments as well as NSF or returned cheques
* Family Financial changes or complications throughout the year should be brought to the attention of the studio*5% Family discount on 2 or more family members

Cancelling Classes Refer to Regulations Page 7 #5. To be eligible to cancel a class one must:

● Submit a written request detailing the request

Payment Type:

2018 – 2019 Monthly payments are by Direct Deposit
$5.00 fee per cheque for Monthly Payments
No E-Transfer for Monthly Payments
Payment are based on 10 equal months, payable to Cameron Dance Academy.
Payment plans are available – please speak to us privately to set this up on your account.

Family Discount:

5% Family discount on 2 or more family members

Registration Fee:

Onetime $35.00 registration fee charged per family.

Registration fees must be paid at the time of registration. All registration fees are non-refundable.

Costume Rental Fee:

Costume Rental cheque payable to Production Etc. per class. All Costume Rental fees are non-refundable.

$45.00 – Baby Ballerina, Pre-Primary, Primary, RAD Grades & Vocational, Jazz, Modern, Acro, Tap, Hip Hop

Parents purchase ALL competition costumes – billing for costume balances will be charged February – May

Competition Fees:

$15.00 per hour Studio Rental fee

Choreographer fees will be paid directly to the choreographer. Post-dated 1st of every month September – May. Based on 4 classes per month, February 5 due to Dress Rehearsal

Competition Entry Fees will be collected in October including the $60.00 Administration fee, Group Choreographer fee, $40.00 Rehearsal Rental fee for Dress Rehearsal including Rental Space and Choreographer fee for teachers attending Dress Rehearsal and one Competition.

All competitive students are required to have the Cameron Dance Academy Uniform – Jacket and Pants

Cancelling Classes  Regulations.

To be eligible to cancel a class one must:

  • Submit a written request detailing the request

The first lesson in any tuition month constitutes a contractual agreement of full payment for that monthly fee. Please remember that this is a yearly tuition period and must be treated as such. No refunds can be given for registration fees; monthly payments, missed classes or costume rentals. If a child must discontinue during the season a letter in writing to notify the Academy at least 3 weeks in advance of the next tuition payment is needed. A cancellation payment will ensue for cancellation.  No cancellations or refunds of post-dated cheques after March 1. An exception applies when medical reasons cause cancellation, medical note required.