Girls Ballet Dress Code

General Graded Examinations Children’s Division

Girl’s Ballet Dress Code

Baby Ballerinas, Pre-Primary and Primary Girl’s Ballet Dress Code:
Leotard colour: Pink with cap sleeves as shown above

Leotards (bodysuit) –  Mondor #1635 -cap sleeve  scoop neck (PCL)Polyester-Cotton Lycra Leotard

Chiffon Wrap Skirt –  Mondor style #16100 – Chiffon skirts for the Baby Ballerina to Primary classes as shown above.

Pink soft ballet shoes with elastic (full-sole Bloch only SO205) short pink socks (RAD exam requirement) or white socks (class purposes)

Leotards Grade 1 to 2:
Mondor # 1633, tank style scoop neck with or without pinch (PCL)Polyester-Cotton Lycra

Grades 1 and 2

Gr 1 Leotard colour: Lilac with Matching elastic belt and pink socks
Gr 2 Leotard colour: Lilac colour with Matching elastic belt and pink Optional Class: (Ballerina Pink) tights  – Convertible

Exam: pink socks (RAD exam requirement)

Pink soft ballet shoes with elastic (full-sole Bloch SO 205)

Grades 3, 4 and 5: (For exam purposes)

Leotard colour: Mondor 13520 Paradise colour with Matching elastic belt
Pink (Ballerina Pink) tights
Pink soft ballet shoes with elastic (full-sole Bloch preferred)

Leotard for Classwork: Any solid colour- any style

Grade 6-8: (For exam purposes) Each set in matching Leotard style and colour (any classic style, with or without pinch front) with matching colour toned chiffon skirt (worn after barre work)
Pink Bloch soft ballet shoes with elastics (Split soles allowed)
Pink tights (Ballerina Pink)
Leotard for Classwork: Any solid colour- any style

Character shoes and skirts will be provided at the studio for all Grade levels for classes and exams.

 Please Note:  Hair must arrive ready for class in a neat bun, using pins, hairnet and gel with bangs – (No Whirl its, hairnets with clips ok) pulled back for all classes. Short hair may be worn pulled back from the face with  clips. Boys neatly styled.

  Pointe Work: The Academy assesses students during the year of the Grade 5-6 exam level and notifies parents if the student is ready to go onto Pointe Shoes the following season.