Regulations & Policies


  1. The school term is a season from September to June, with closures observing most statutory holiday periods as designated by the public school system. The tuition fee structure is based on this tuition term not by 4 weeks per month.
  2. The Academy and teacher(s) waive responsibility for any injury or damages sustained either in classes, performances, or in transit to or from classes. Nor are the above responsible for any articles lost or stolen on the premises.
  3. The Academy reserves the right to dismiss a student in extenuating circumstances, where the Academy’sregulations, reputation, or ethics are violated.
  4. A non-refundable Registration fee is required before attending class each season.
  5. The first lesson in any tuition month constitutes a contractual agreement of full payment for that monthly fee. Please remember that this is a yearly tuition period and must be treated as such. No refunds can be given for registration fees; monthly payments, missed classes or costume rentals. If a child must discontinue during the season a letter in writing to notify the Academy at least 3 weeks in advance of the next tuition payment is needed. A cancellation payment will ensue for cancellation; remaining Post-dated cheques will be returned or destroyed. No cancellations or refunds of post-dated cheques after March 1. An exception applies when medical reasons cause cancellation, medical note required.
  6. Students are not permitted to dance at other Dance Schools, as we now have all genres available. Exception to this rule may only be granted in rare cases upon sanction or referral from our Academy.
  7. The Academy reserves exclusive rights to enrolment placement of students in all classes. This is to ensure a consistency in technical training outcomes within our Academy.
  8. The Academy, at its discretion, exclusively approves students for entry into examinations and competitions. The choice of exam sessions, competitions and entry submittals will be made solely by the Academy.
  9. Competitive pieces: The choice of choreographers and choreographic styles for students will be made solely by the Academy. Choreographers are only to be contacted through our office.
  10. There is absolutely no tolerance for students caught drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs while representing Cameron Dance Academy. Students will be dismissed from Cameron Dance Academy and no refunds will be issued. (This includes during/before class, during a competition, show or event.)
  11. Upon registration, the parent or guardian will sign an enrolment form, which upholds the agreement to the preceding regulations.

    Classroom Policies:

    1. Students must arrive on time and ready for class “No street shoes or clothing”
    2. Hair must be in a bun for ballet &/or tied back – bangs pinned out of dancer’s face for other genres 3. No Jewelry (i.e. Earrings, necklaces, large rings)
    4. No LONG pants allowed for all genres
    5. No gum chewing
    6. All warm-up accessories must be taken off prior to class
    7. Respect, focus and good work habits are shown to teachers and classmates