Royal Academy of Dance  Graded Ballet

Grades 1 to 5

Royal Academy of Dance GRADED BALLET

Ages 7 – 11 Grades 1 to 5

My hope is to shed light, provoke thought, entertain, and move through dance.

Dwight Rhoden

Royal Academy of Dance Graded Examinations Levels for Boys and Girls: (GE) Grade 1 to Grade 5 – The new syllabus follows in line with the delightful Pre-Primary and Primary work.  The syllabi are exciting, stimulating and creative with a strong awareness of performance lead by excellent musical choices.  A truly up to date approach to teaching today’s students. It provides a steady progression of Syllabus material of the RAD, where performances of examinations reward the confidence gained by the students from their love of dance, hard work and dedication to the art. 

The Royal Academy of Dance ballet program is for students that wish to participate in yearly ballet examinations. Teachers follow the ballet syllabus developed by the Royal Academy and the students learn and perfect a series of exercises and variations which are performed in the exam. The students are marked on their exam performance, and receive official certificates from the Royal Academy of Dance. Please note that participation in this program requires between 1-4 ballet classes per week depending on your level.

Each grade stimulates the student with training in ballet, lyrical (free movement) and national character. Students are rewarded with an accreditation mark, certificate and Medal.

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